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This website was created to assist all types of freelance, technical and academic writers improve and succeed. We try to post the best and proved information that can help you with your career, skills and self-development. Here you can find plenty of tips on how to use different styles, formatting guides, which are necessary for academic works, fresh ideas. We also try to encourage you to develop your skills and try new things, try yourself in different styles or explore new niches searching for writing jobs.

7 Online Writing Jobs That Bring You Decent Income

There are many places you can work and different freelance formats you can choose. Some are great for the older generation, some require deep and precise knowledge, there are also freelance writing jobs for students, etc. Everyone can find something for themselves, and that’s why we love writing. You only need a short overview of the choices available to find something that suits you more.

  1. Case writing.
  2. This type is gaining huge popularity now, as a lot of businesses need cases. It became popular about a year ago, and now not the biggest companies, but the smaller ones too require cases.

  3. Journalism and analytics.
  4. This requires long and determined research and works, but if you’re into something, for example economics or politics, this can be the best for you. It pays good too, and gives you a chance to do what you really like.

  5. Reviews.
  6. People depend on those a lot, so many companies need people to write reviews for them. By doing this as a side job you can easily earn quite a sum of money.

  7. Newsletter writing.
  8. A lot of companies really depend on their newsletters, so you can try yourself there. Creating catchy headlines and attracting people is a must, so if you’re creative and bright, you can feel like fish in water there.

  9. Academic works.
  10. This is ideal for many people who are still in college and need some money, or those who love to learn new things. This type of writing can pay you a lot and will give you plenty of interesting info.

  11. Technical.
  12. Some companies need skilled people to write complex “how-to” articles. The complexity of those pays off.

  13. Research.
  14. Doing research writing can take you quite some time, but it gains you a deep understanding and helps with your own education.

With our resource, you can easily master these and other niches and learn new things. We are here to provide you with tools and empower you on this long road to perfect writing. Hope you can find understanding and support here and stay motivated to achieve more.