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We created Customwriters.Club as a little writing hub, a small community of dedicated people who are here to share ideas and resources. Our goal is to collect the best thoughts and tips in one place, so it would be convenient to use those. We also want to create a warm and lovely atmosphere and try to listen to our readers, sharing opportunities, offers for writing jobs from home, courses or useful apps. Use this essay writing service online.

5 Most Popular Projects for Freelance Writing Jobs

If you’re interested in becoming a freelance writer, or you want to change your niche to earn more, we can help you out. You might want to browse through popular writing jobs and projects that pay a lot.

  • College and high school papers.
  • You may notice a lot of writers needed ads related to academic and similar topics. It’s a common niche that is always full of projects. When an academic year starts you can be sure that you’ll have a lot of orders and requests. It’s also fairly easy to get yourself a portfolio, but you’ll need to educate yourself on different styles and formatting guides.
  • Thesis, dissertations, research.
  • That’s another kind of academic papers, those would pay you a lot more, but require more precision and good research skills. You have high chances of getting a job in this niche if you have a degree. Being a custom paper writer is rather easy, in fact.
  • How-to tech and IT articles.
  • Those are incredibly needed right now and if you’re good with technology or specialize in something, you can find a job in a sphere. IT industry is also booming and they need a lot of people translating complicated terms and words into common language. There a lot of opportunities if you understand a programming language.
  • Medical sphere writings.
  • There are a lot of options in medical sphere, yet you need specific education to write on those. It’s interesting, but being a writer on medical topics you can earn a lot.
  • Ads.
  • This is the perfect niche if you’re creative and can rhyme or compose something short and powerful. There are a lot of projects you can collaborate with, you might create newsletter ideas and topics, ads and mottos for companies and banners, etc.

3 Ways We Can Be Helpful to You

As you see, there are a lot of opportunities for writers, but you need a few things to get there. And all of those we can help you with!

  1. Writing tips and tricks.
  2. There are many of those you can learn that would help you write much faster and much better. We will willingly share those with you.

  3. Portfolio tips.
  4. It’s necessary to build a good and powerful portfolio that will strike your future clients. There are ways to make sure it looks presentable and we can teach you those.

  5. Starting your career advice.
  6. There are many mistakes the beginners make, so you want to avoid those to start earning fast.

There are many others things we can help you with and hope that your experience will also benefit others if you share it with us!

Easiest Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners That Give You Skills

Even though a lot of those high-paid writing jobs online require higher education, there are many choices for the absolute beginners. Working in the spheres from the list below, you can gain experience and master your writing skills.


This is required quite often, so if you search on work websites, you’ll find a thing or two offering a blogging job. You don’t need to use any complex language and you have to reach your audience with simple words, which is quite easy. A quick tip, you need to learn to reach out and evoke people’s emotions and interests to be a good blogger.

Travel articles

Companies need those quite often and it’s easy to describe the way you travel or the experiences you have. It somehow reminds of a school essay and a beginner can cope with the task easily.

Lifestyle writing

This is extremely popular now and people are writing more and more lists, tips, motivation recommendations or other things to teach one another. This probably comes out of the fact that we love to educate each other, but one thing is true, you can write on this topic easily and enjoy it. If you are really good at it, you can even start a freelance writing career.


You can write those for absolutely anything, from cosmetics to car services. It’s fairly easy and you usually just need to specify a couple details and describe how good a product or a service is.

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